Help Find Buster

UPDATE 11/11/15: Buster has been found! Read all about his recovery here: Thank you to everyone who donated and/or sent out positive vibes. They worked! 🙂

Hi there. I know it’s been a couple of months and I hate for my first post back to be asking something of you. I’ve been drafting a post to fill you in on what we’ve been up to so I won’t go into too many details. To put it mildly, 2015 has been a very tough, sad year for Chris and I. After a string of other losses and sad/stressful events, our 15 year-old dog, Samantha, passed away in July. We’ve since adopted two more dogs to help funnel our grief and stress into something more positive (and what can be more positive than caring for two sweet pups, right?).

Help Find Buster

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know all of this and you’ve met (via pictures) our two new canine companions, Maeby and Buster. Maeby, a 2 year old german shepherd/cattle dog mix, was a stray. Buster, who we adopted a month after we adopted Maeby, was rescued from a hoarder and he is a 4-year old chocolate labrador/chihuahua mix. They’re both as sweet as could be but they both have fear issues. Maeby is afraid of strangers in our home (and some in public) and Buster is all-around fearful and shy. Living with a hoarder, he never received proper socialization and everything is scary and overwhelming to him. But in the month that we’ve had him, he’s improved immensely. He went from constantly hiding under our sofa or bedroom chair, to following us around the house, playing with Maeby, cuddling on our bed, and just a few days ago, he let me rub his belly for the first time. Everything was going so well until last Thursday.

Help Find Buster

Thursday night, when I returned home from work, I took the dogs for their evening walk. Upon returning home, he was spooked and before I knew it, he’d slipped out of his collar and was taking off running. I went after him but it was so dark that I lost him. I, along with several other people, went looking for him for hours that night with no luck. I took Friday off of work to stay home, put up posters, start a Facebook page for him, and search for him on foot with Maeby. The weekend was spent putting up more posters, handing out flyers, visiting shelters, and searching for hours. We’ve only had a couple sightings- one the night he disappeared and the other was probably of another dog. With the massive heat wave that we’re going through right now, we’re beginning to feel desperate. We hope he’s staying cool and getting enough water.

Because he is so shy and skittish, chances are that he’s either ran very far or that he’s hiding somewhere in our neighborhood (which I’m more inclined to believe because he was such a hider at home). There’s a lot of landscaping, brush, and vegetation near the Venice canals and Ballona Lagoon (which I live across from, where we walked daily, and where he was last seen) that I believe (hope) he’s hanging out. Because he’s so shy, though, he’s probably not coming out until after dark when everyone is in bed so chances of sightings are slim. For this reason, and because several people with expertise in this field have suggested it, we’ve decided to hire search dogs to follow his trail and give clues to his whereabouts.

Help Find Buster

Also, I have to go back to work tomorrow. I absolutely cannot take another day off work (and I’ll be going in late tomorrow as it is so I can work with the search dog people in the morning). Due to having to work, I’m hiring a company that specializes in finding lost dogs to help continue the search. They’ve been advising me, free of charge, since the beginning, helping me set a search strategy, but I can’t continue doing all that I’ve been doing and work at the same time. We’re pretty overwhelmed as it is.

Help Find Buster

That’s why I’m talking to you all today. I really need help. The best way you could help would be to donate to our GoFundMe account to help raise funds to pay for the search. With the search dogs and the pet search company, it will likely cost about $6000 over the next two weeks. I realize that it’s a large sum of money to be asking for, but even if we don’t reach that goal, every little bit helps. If we find Buster sooner, then we will donate any unused funds to LA Animal Rescue, the rescue where we adopted Maeby and who has been so helpful and supportive through the search for Buster. If the search goes longer, then I will update the goal amount, if needed.

If you can’t afford to donate- trust me, we get it. I totally understand. There are other ways you can help. You can share this post or any post from the Help Find Buster Facebook Page or any of the posts about Buster on my instagram account. Be sure to tag any friends that you may have in the Southern California area, especially if they’re in Marina del Rey, Venice, Mar Vista, or Culver City. If YOU live in Southern California, and there’s an animal shelter near your home, I would so appreciate if you could check your local shelter for Buster (he’s microchipped but sometimes it can be missed when scanned) every couple of days, if possible. If you live near Marina del Rey or Venice, please keep an eye out for this little guy and contact me if you see him. If you want to be more involved in his search, please let me know!

Thank you for stopping by and possibly helping us out. Thank you to everyone who is already helping in some way, shape, or form. We are so grateful. Please- let’s bring Buster home!

UPDATE 10-14-15: Buster is still missing. Unfortunately, the pet detective with the search dogs cancelled on us two days in a row, the second day turning down the job altogether and refunding my money. So we’re putting all of our berries in the pet recovery company basket. If you choose to donate to our search, the money will be going to a company who is currently canvassing our neighborhood with posters, tarp-sized banners, handing out flyers, making phone calls, monitoring social media, and basically doing everything we would be doing if we were several people and not working full-time jobs. If you have donated, shared, and aided in our search, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to have our little family member back.

Help Find Buster

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