I am so excited!  The Walk For Farm Animals is just a little over 2 weeks away!  Between Jackie, myself, Chris, and the twins, we have raised $445!  That means me are only $55 away from our goal of $500.  If 11 super-kind people donated $5 each, we would reach our goal, not that I’m hinting or anything…

Each week, I am sharing one reason why you should support our team in Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals.  Please check out Reasons #1, #2, and #3.


Courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

In February of 2012, over 50,000 hens used for egg production were abandoned and left to starve  for two weeks in a factory farm in Turlock, California.  While over 20,000 starved to death, Farm Sanctuary, along with two other animal sanctuaries, were able to rescue thousands of birds, give them the emergency treatment they needed and nursed them back to health.  Farm Sanctuary also urged the district attorney to give the factory farm owner the maximum penalty for animal abandonment, which includes jail time.

Tara Oresick, the shelter director at Farm Sanctuary’s Orland, California location, talks about one of the birds they rescued:

“Vivian was one of the hens who needed the most care. She was very weak from lack of nutrients and water, but over the past two weeks she has improved significantly. Early on, she needed to be held and hand-fed in order to eat because she was too weak to stand and eat on her own. When she began to improve, we took her outside to see how she would respond to being in the sun and having dirt to scratch in. She was still weaker and less active than the others, but she was able to stand all by herself! And, if that wasn’t exciting enough, she then started grooming herself!”

Continue reading about the Turlock hens’ rescue and recovery…

This is just a small sample of the work that Farm Sanctuary does.  The Walk for Farm Animals allows them to raise money so they can keep doing this wonderful work.  If you need even more convincing, you can read about Why I Am Walking for Farm Animals.  I hope you’ll consider supporting us (even $5 or $10 helps!)!

To Donate, you can go here and type in our team name: Keepin’ It Kind.  Then choose any of our teammates to donate to.  It’s that simple!

To Join our Team, go here and click on “Join our Team.”  Fill out the submission form, using our team name (Keepin’ It Kind) as the team you would like to join.

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