Hi Everyone!  Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals is this Saturday and I am so excited!  Helping this wonderful organization rescue animals from factory farms and abusive living conditions is something my family and I are very passionate about.  We are still just $55 away from meeting our goal and we need your help.  Today, I have a huge incentive for you to donate right away.  For today, October 23rd, Farm Sanctuary is matching all donations received, up to $3000!  For today only, you can have your dollars go twice as far, making an even bigger difference in the lives of these rescued animals.  Please consider donating to this wonderful cause.

As if this incentive from Farm Sanctuary wasn’t enough, each week, I am sharing one reason why you should support our team in Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals.  Please check out Reasons #1, #2,#3, and #4.


Courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

Eric, the piglet, suffered a leg injury as a result of overcramped and unkind conditions at a pumpkin patch petting zoo.  The injury caused a joint infection, but because Eric was seen as a commodity, and would have no more use after Halloween had passed, medical attention was not given to Eric and his condition grew worse and worse until a compassionate mother and son notified Farm Sanctuary of the situation.  Farm Sanctuary rescued him and saw to it that he was nursed back to health.

“Piglets are herd animals and hate to be alone. But Eric needed time to regain his strength, and he had to be secluded from other pigs. Yet this boy managed to find a way to make friends, including a plush stuffed pig toy and one of our sanctuary cats, Azriel. The sight of little Eric snuggled with his stuffed piglet at night was precious.”

Continue reading about Eric’s rescue and recovery…

This is just a small sample of the work that Farm Sanctuary does.  The Walk for Farm Animals allows them to raise money so they can keep doing this wonderful work.  If you need even more convincing, you can read about Why I Am Walking for Farm Animals.  I hope you’ll consider supporting us (even $5 or $10 helps!)!

To Donate, you can go here and type in our team name: Keepin’ It Kind.  Then choose any of our teammates to donate to.  It’s that simple!

To Join our Team, go here and click on “Join our Team.”  Fill out the submission form, using our team name (Keepin’ It Kind) as the team you would like to join.

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