I know that many people who visit Keepin’ It Kind are new vegans or are people who are considering making the change.  Some people might find my story inspiring.  Some people might be more inspired by someone else’s story.  That is why I started “My Vegan Story,” a series of posts written by other vegans, sharing their stories of how they became vegan, what inspired them, and how they’re making the world a kinder place in hopes that their story might be just the inspiration that someone else needs to make the change.

I am looking for contributors (bloggers, animal rights activists, or just some of my wonderful Keepin’ It Kind readers) to share their stories.  Just use the “My Vegan Story” Post Questionnaire to form your post.  You can use the questions as guidelines for an essay-style post, or you can answer the questions, interview-style.  If you can include a picture or two of yourself, that would be wonderful.  Please email your posts to me at kristy at keepinitkind dot com.*

Please use the “My Vegan Story” Post Questionnaire to start your “My Vegan Story” post today!

*I reserve the right to refuse any submissions that I don’t see as appropriate for Keepin’ It Kind


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