Kristy TurnerI used to be one of those people who said “I could never be vegan.”  I was raised in a very “meat and potatoes” family and though I became a vegetarian in my early twenties, I could not give up my love for cheese.  I was even a Fromagier in a fancy cheese store for almost two years!  One day, though, the light bulb turned on and I was able to see everything more clearly.  I was able to see animals for the incredible sentient beings that they are and I knew I could no longer be part of any behavior that exploits them. This new chapter (the best chapter so far) of my life began right then.

Things you should know about me: My husband is my best friend.  My canine companion, Samantha, understands me better than most humans do.  I am happiest when I am cooking, exploring, traveling, writing, and laughing.  I have a strong aversion to escalators and things that are not symmetrical, I’m maybe more than slightly obsessed with Arrested Development, wearing boots makes me feel like I kinda kick butt, and I love randomness and the color white.  And I love run-on sentences and also starting sentences with conjunctions.


Chris is my husband and the primary photographer here at Keepin’ It Kind.  He is an amazing photographer, taste-tester, best friend, and father to his twins, Maxwell and Sophia.  When Chris is not taking pictures of our food, he can usually be found finding/managing locations for film and commercials, writing music in his office/studio, hanging with the twins, watching Arrested Development (with me, of course), or making me giggle with his Christopher Walken impersonation.




Chris and I are passionate about making veganism easy, fun, and accessible for everyone.  I am not an expert on cooking or veganism but I am extremely passionate about both.  I am a self-taught/grandma-taught cook.  My cooking is mostly based on seasonal, organic, locally-grown plants.  The recipes I share are what I have found to be easy, fun, and delicious but I encourage you to play around in your kitchen- have fun, learn what works best for you, and share!

We believe that energy is contagious.  Just as violence breeds more violence, we believe that peace will breed more peace.  We believe the key to a kinder world is through kinder food. Won’t you join us in making the world a kinder place, one delicious dish at a time?

To learn more about our journey to veganism and to find resources to help you with your journey, please visit our Being Vegan page. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email or connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.  Please feel free to peruse our Press page to check out where Keepin’ It Kind has been featured.

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